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Rigid PVC film i

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Rigid PVC film is calendered by pressing polyvinyl chloride compound through a series of rollers. The thickness is controlled by the spacing between the rollers and the surface of the film can be made to be smooth or matte depending on the embossing of the finishing rollers. After leaving the calendering rollers the plastic film passes over a series of cooling and conditioning rollers. It is then either wound into rolls or cut into flat sheets.

Rigid PVC film is available in two packaging grades: THERMOFORMING GRADE AND BOX GRADE

THERMOFORMING GRADE - is primarily used in food applications. The film is made with non-toxic ingredients and meets local and FDA regulations. Other general uses include thermoformed packaging for toys, tools, electronics, gifts, etc.

Thickness: 7.0GA to 40GA

Roll Width: 5" to 52"

Color: Clear (colors with minimum quantity)

BOX GRADE - is formulated to have excellent transparency and high impact resistance. This film is used to make folded clear box packaging for toys, gifts, garments, cosmetics and where presentation and protection are required. This versatile packaging film is available in rolls and sheets.


Thickness: 6.5GA to 20GA

Roll Width: 5" to 52"

Color: Clear (Colors with minimum quantity)


Thickness: 9GA to 20GA

Sheet Sizes: 12" x 12" to 52" x 52"

Color: Clear (Colors with minimum quantity)
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