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Category: Signage
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Alpolic is the trade name of an aluminum composite material(ACM). alpolic is manufactured by bonding two thin layers of aluminum(010/020) on either side of an extruded thermoplastic core. The aluminum surfaces have been pre-finished and/or coil coated in a variety of finishes prior to lamination. The Alpolic products offer the rigidity of heavy gauge sheet metal in lightweight aluminum composite material. Composite materials also feature such attributes as superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance. The Alpolic sheet is ideal for store fixturing, product merchandising, trade show exhibits, POP displays, food service kiosks and carts, countertop merchandise signage and fascia systems.

Range of products include:

ALPOLIC LT - painted and anodized

ALPOLIC STONE SERIES - marble/granite finishes

ALPOLIC A-LOOK - decorative mirror finishes

ALPOLIC TEXTURED METALS - stucco,leather,wood

ALPOLIC ISD - interior wood and stone finishes

ALPOLIC STAINLESS STEEL - #4 and #8 finishes

ALPOLIC DECORATIVE METALS - brushed and polished

ALPOLIC EXOTIC METALS - copper finishes

Thickness: 2mm,3mm,4mm,6mm

Width: 39",48",50",60",62"

Length: Minimum 68", Maximum 288"

Colors: Various (color matches with minimum)
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